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A history of ancient mathematical astronomy. Greek Horoscopes. Astronomical papyri from Oxyrhynchus. That for Jupiter is an obvious monogram derived from the initial letter of the Greek name. Saturn's has a similar derivation [ The ideal form of Mars' symbol is uncertain, and perhaps not related to the later circle with an arrow through it. Mercury's is a stylized caduceus.

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Archived from the original on Retrieved The Observatory. Bibcode : Obs Von dem neu entdeckten Planeten. Report on the history of the discovery of Neptune. Smithsonian Institution.

Effemeridi astronomiche di Milano per l'anno The Planets and their Symbols. CAO Times. Christian Astrology. Of the two emblems related to [Capricorn], one is a horizontal line terminating with a downward moving arc ending with a loop having an extended arc , and the other has a V-shaped beginning whose downward arc convexing to the right.

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New millennium astrological chart. History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Traditions, types, and systems. Natal Electional Horary. Solar symbol circled dot. Mercury 's winged helmet and caduceus. Earth; a Solar symbol sun cross. Alternate symbol, a stylized globus cruciger. Scythe handle down , emblematic of Ceres as goddess of the Harvest. Jupiter 's thunderbolt or eagle. H in symbol taken from discoverer's last name, Herschel. Neptune's trident. Pluto's Cap of invisibility the circle and a bident the arc under the circle , also a typical attribute of Pluto.

PL monogram for Pl uto and Percival Lowell. Variant symbol used mainly by French, Spanish, and Italian speaking astrologers. Variant symbol invented by German astrologer Hermann Lefeldt in Used mostly by those that follow the Hamburg School of Astrology. Variant symbol used mostly used in German-speaking countries and Denmark. Arrow of the centaur , aiming to higher realms. Capricorn [28]. Body and head of a goat with the tail of a fish or face and horns of goat.

Two or more planets in the same sign. A circle with a line implying two objects are in the same place also, the starting point of an angle. One sign apart The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the upper half of a hexagon see Sextile. Also known as dodecile. The bisecting line of a right angle see Square. Also known as semiquartile and octile. Two signs apart The intersecting lines from the inner angles of a hexagon.

Also known as quartile. Also known as trinovile. The glyph of the Semi-Square under the glyph of the Square, implying the sum of them both. Also known as the sesquisquare , square-and-a-half , and trioctile. Five signs apart The intersecting lines from the inner angles of the lower half of a hexagon see Sextile. Also known as the inconjunct.

Six signs apart The glyph of the Conjunction plus a circle on top of its line, implying two objects are in front opposed of each other. Retrograde motion. Symbol represents the apparent retrograde motion of a planet in an astrological chart. Astraea [33]. Two serpents coiled around the rod.

Alternative astrological symbol [33]. The scepter of a queen, Juno is the Roman equivalent of Greek Hera topped with a star. A spear variant has triangle on top Alchemical symbol for sulfur both variants see also Asteroids in astrology. The fire on the hearth or altar Roman equivalent of Greek Hestia. I have read Vulcan comes in to transform the soul, teach lessons to the soul and purify certain emotions. There is the debate that Vulcan is the hypothetical ruler of Taurus or Virgo depending on what type of astrology you are following There is a LOT more information on Vulcan and it can get complex but here is a place to start:.

Vulcan in Aries: Vulcan comes into play to detach you from serving and feeding your ego.


This individual is forced to learn how to be more giving, to be more sensitive to others emotions and ideas. Vulcan in Taurus: Vulcan comes to teach about detachment and a lot of times this is a painful lesson for the individual. Loss of possessions and people are associated with this time period and transformation.

Once this individual is free of attachments they can find a lot of inner strength and can begin finding new purpose in their life.

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This person is likely highly detached and even hostile to those who want to form close relationships with them. Gemini is all about communication but this individual is practicing negative influences of Mercury with strong opinions, harsh insults, gossip, etc. Vulcan ideally brings people into this persons life who can connect with them mentally, who can expose their inner self, and who can be intimate.

Vulcan could also find ways to expose their inner fears, insecurities, as well as positivity and inner light to others through circumstances. Vulcan comes in to not necessarily make them tougher or to annihilate their nurturing ways but to break habits and to release them of attachments. Vulcan forces this person to let go of past habits and attachments.

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Here Vulcan frees the individual, sometimes painful at first but liberating after. Vulcan also aims to transform this person to being self-nurturing to nurturing others. Vulcan pushes a lot of self-awareness and a higher emotional consciousness in the transformation. Vulcan in Leo: The ego and being self-centered are the main issues in this person.

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Unlike Aries who may have acted very selfish and cocky, this individual has self-centered and egotistical ideas. There is an association with leadership and authority. Vulcan wants to bring out ideas of cooperation, joint creativity, responsibility for others, and group consciousness.