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Once at your destination, take public transport so you can strike up conversations with locals. Gemini is the sign of siblings, so plan a trip with your brothers or sisters—or book yourself on a group tour to make new friends. Since Cancers also enjoy a great relationship with their parents, plan an extended family vacation with the kids in tow.

The crab does not like to move around too much; so try to slow down on your next trip, savoring home cooking in small restaurants and meeting locals. July 23 — August 22 Spot a red carpet and a Leo will not be far from it. A fire sign, you relish glamour and excitement, and prefer staying in five-star hotels and booking tables at Michelin-starred restaurants. Leos, who often have expensive tastes, should plan ahead with their Gemini travel partner to get the best deal on a five-star hotel and a table at the city's hottest restaurant.

August 23 — September 22 Always well-organized, you should start planning where to go and what to see months in advance of a trip. Since you value your time on the ground, do plenty of research and read reviews of restaurants and destinations to maximize your trip.

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You form strong relationships with people at work and would enjoy traveling with a coworker you trust. Be mindful that Virgos sometimes have delicate digestive systems, so order light, well-prepared dishes of top-quality fresh fish and vegetables. You travel well with Pisces since you both enjoy similar cultural pursuits.

October 23 — November 21 As the sexiest, most passionate sign of the zodiac, Scorpios prefer traveling with a romantic partner. This sign is not one for superficial small talk or rushing about. You value your own space so, when traveling with a friend, be sure to book your own room and make private time for meditating, reading, and unwinding. Sagittarians are well-suited to solo travel—and cruises offer the chance to get away without totally checking out.

November 22 — December 21 You could drop a Sagittarius by parachute anywhere in the world and the archer will find its way around. Travel is not just something you enjoy, it is a basic need, and nothing makes you happier than being on a long-distance, preferably foreign, trip.

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December 22 — January 19 You prize the past and are best suited for trips to the Coliseum in Rome or Knossos in Crete. The most ambitious sign of the zodiac, getting ahead at work is never far from your mind. You travel well with Virgo, since you both prefer a cultural vacation over a beach trip.

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Since you stay abreast of current events and are often troubled by the imbalances in the world , you may travel to help those who have been marginalized, or to address environmental concerns. Aquarius is the humanitarian sign, after all. Start planning for the next solar eclipse. Saturn has been working with Neptune all year, helping the artistic, creative Aries to become recognized for his or her artistic contributions. Now that Neptune is stronger, you may see a breakthrough in your creative, personal, or romantic life.

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